micro-designs - interior design beyond the human eye
micro-designs - interior design beyond the human eye micro-designs - interior design beyond the human eye
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Introducing micro-designs:

Marvel at a world newly revealed, though a collection of interior designs inspired by miniscule natural forms.

micro-designs is a unique collection of wallpapers and textiles derived from the hidden microscopic world around us - be it animal, vegetable or mineral.

Since 2000, artist Heather Barnett has found inspiration in the patterns and structures of worlds hidden from view, made visible only with the aid of a microscope. These microscopy designs, in particular the Cellular Wallpaper Collection depicting the artists own bodily interior, have been exhibited and published internationally, with clients including Selfridges, the Wellcome Trust and the Museum of the History of Science.

Ranging from delicate regency patterns to stark contemporary monochromes, micro-designs scales up such visual delights as nano-scale proteins, the wing veins of a fruit fly and our own bodily cells.

Heather says: "The inspiration for micro-designs comes from a long-standing fascination in what lies beneath the surface - worlds beyond our immediate field of vision. I want to bring to light the hidden structure and beauty of what is around us and within us. And if, for a moment people stop and ponder upon these wonders of biological design, that's great."



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